How much is my property worth? What kind of improvements can I do at home to increase the selling value? What is Home Staging, and how can it increase my profit? How long will the selling process take? What type of buyer is looking for a property like mine? Where can I find them? How much will this cost me? If I am asked for a viewing, how do I know if I can trust the the person I am opening my door to? If I sell, what taxes do I have to pay to the tax office?

These are just a few of the thousand and one questions that go through a sellers head before putting you property on the market, this is why we insist on the importance of good professional advice from the beginning! Failing to do so may cost you thousands of euros and unpleasant surprises.

If you would like to sell or rent your property, you have come to the right place! Activanza and its team have been advising clients and securing fair prices for their homes for many years. Simply fill in th efields below and we will get in touch to assess your possibilities.

We will provide a current market value appraisal on you property, free of charge with no obligation attached, as well as advise you on all the necessary steps to successfully sell your property.

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