Conforama will open a new store in Finestrat.

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The well-known furniture and homeware store "Conforama", will open in Finestrat on the 15th of December 2016.

A few days ago we wrote about the opening of a new Leroy Merlin in Finestrat, and now we return to inform you of the opening of a new Conforama store, located in the same commercial area of Finestrat, and neighbour to Leroy Merlin. The French chain will open to the public on December 15th, and like Leroy Merlin, this new opening is part of the firms international expansion strategy, where they plan to reach a total of 50 stores in Spain and another 10 in Portugal. Currently Conforama has 28 stores nationwide, so the plan is to almost double the sale points in Spain. In order to achieve this goal, the plan is to open 6-7 stores per year, although they recognize that everything will depend on several factors such as access to suitable locations, licenses etc.

The French company currently has 286 open stores, of which the vast majority are in France "204", and the rest are distributed between Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Luxembourg.

The company's expansion plan will create approximately 1,400 direct jobs, since in each Conforama establishment there are between 55 - 65 workers. If you would like to apply for one of the vacancies, at the bottom of this article you will find a link to the employment page.

The Finestrat town hall are doing an incredible job attracting large companies to the area, establishing the commercial area of Finestrat as a reference to the region. In under 2 years we have seen brand names such as: Media Markt, Leroy Merlin, El Corte Ingles Outlet, Tiendanimal to mention a few.

After so many years of cut backs, real estate and economic crisis, the closing of so many local businesses that were not able to survive the recent difficulties, the truth is that it is a breath of fresh air, to see the opening of so many new businesses in the area, and with them, new employment opportunities.

There is also a downside to the arrival of the big companies, as it could possibly affect the sustainabililty of the small local businesses, taking away their clientele and past business opportunities.

We should always try to see the positive side of these changes, and recognize the new business opportunities that arrive when we are forced to compete and adapt to the big companies. Take Colonel Sanders for example, after a new road was built over his small chicken shack in Corbin "Kentucky", diverting all the traffic away from his business and leaving him with no clients and forcing him to close down. He recognised an opportunity to get out and sell his KFC famous recipe instead of Chicken, and well, the rest is history!

We wish a lot of luck and encouragement to all new companies in the area, both small and large!

Link to job vacancies in Conforama Finestrat - Benidorm


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