9 Things you can't miss during the Benidorm fiestas!

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9 Things you can't miss during the Benidorm fiestas!

As we are approaching the official yearly Benidorm fiestas, we have prepared a summary of essential activities you shouldn't miss out on if you plan to come and experience them in person.

The official Benidorm fiestas take place every year, starting on the second Friday of the month of November, and come to an end the following Wednesday, concluding with a spectacular fireworks display down on the Poniente beach, that takes place once the colourful parade finishes its route through the Benidorm streets.

There are plenty of activities to do in Benidorm on any other given day, but during the Benidorm fiestas, there is even more to do, for this reason, we have prepared a small selection so you don't miss anything important:

1) The local peñas.

It's impossible to fully experience the Benidorm fiestas without visiting some of the local peñas that are scattered throughout the streets of Benidorm. To understand what Peñas are, they are generally groups of friends and acquaintances who gather together every day and night during the fiestas, usually in a private rented commercial unit, or converted garage, to have a drink, dance and generally just have a good time, and are mostly open to the public  so you can go in for a drink and get to know the locals, they are without a doubt the heart and soul of the fiestas! Without them there just wouldn't be the same atmosphere that prevails the streets of Benidorm during these dates.

At 22.00h on the first Friday of fiestas is when the first gathering of all the members from the different peñas takes place, usually on the Ruzafa street, and is also the moment the Benidorm council and the association of peñas awards the commemorative plaques to each individual peña.

2) The concerts.

During these holidays, from the Saturday until the following Tuesday, every night from 0.00h you will be able to enjoy a variety of different performances on stage, from orquestas and bands, to invited guest Dj's, that are usually located between the Julio Iglesias auditorium, the Gambo street and L'hort de Colon.

Each individual peña association, get together every year to present a parade that is organised by the association of peñas "Virgen del Sufragio", and roams many of the main streets of Benidorm, infecting the atmosphere with good vibes, joy and fun wherever they pass by. The awards for the best costumes of the year takes place on Tuesday around 02.00h at the end of the concert.

We recommend you watch the parade from the bottom of the Ruzafa street, but the jury is normally located on the Gambo street.

The parade takes place on the Tuesday around 19.00h.

4) The parade of carnival floats.

This parade begins on Wednesday at around 17.30h, and as with the humour parade, all of the associated peñas, festera entities and local committees take part in the final parade of the fiestas, with a final procession of the nominated elder and younger queens of the Benidorm fiestas. The parade normally passes through the following streets: Avda de Almendros, Marte, Ruzafa, Martinez Alejos and Gambo street, finishing at the Plaza de la Hispanidad.

We reccomend viewing this parade from the Ruzafa street or Gambo street, we also highly reccomend getting there early to get a spot, due to the amount of people that this event atracts.

5) The recreation of the discovery of the Virgen del Sufragio.

To date, it has been 44 years that this has been celebrated every year down at Benidorm's popular Poniente beach, and it is considered to be one of the main events of the Benidorm's festivities program. This celebration recreates with actors, the discovery of the towns patron, that raised from the ashes of a ship that drifted in to Benidorm from the sea, with no crew aboard back in 1740. The locals with great fear of a plague outbreak, decided to burn the ship, and miraculously only a wooden carved statue of the Virgen with a baby Jesus Christ in its arms survived the fire.

This event takes place on the Saturday around 17.00h in the afternoon at the Poniente Beach.

6) The flower offering.

Upon completion of the discovery of the Virgen del Sufragio event we mention above, the Benidorm association of peñas, the nominated queens and ladies, the fiesta authorities and the musical bands, take the Virgen del sufragio on their shoulders, up to the church of Saint Jaime, filling the Benidorm streets every year.

This event takes place around 18.30 on the Saturday and follows through the popular "Parque de Elche" and other main streets of Benidorm's such as Paseo de la carretera, Calle Mayor, ending up at the San Jaime square.

7) The fun fair.

Every year the typical fun fair for the young ones " and not so young ones..." returns to Benidorm, bringing the family a chance to go and have some fun on some rides, win some prizes and eat candyfloss like when we were kids. The first Friday of fiestas there is usually an offer where all the rides cost only 1 Euro per person pero ride!

8) The great "Chocolatada".

After a long Saturday night partying hard in the local Peñas, different nightclubs and Venues in Benidorm, is there anything better than the typical hot chocolate and Churros to soak up the hangover from the night before? It starts at 08.00h in the Sunday morning, and you will find plenty of locals that managed to stay out from the night before, as well as the early risers that got up early to enjoy the day from sunrise.

9) The grand fireworks display finale.

On the last day of the Benidorm fiestas, there is always a grand fireworks display that is definitely worth experiencing! It begins shortly after the parade of carnival floats has finished, at around 21.00h on the Wednesday evening. They take place down at the start of the Poniente beach next the Parque de Elche, and are launched from platforms positioned in the sea to create an even more spectacular visual impact thanks to the effects of the reflection of the fireworks on the Benidorm bay. If you get down to the sea front early enough, you can have dinner and a nice drink while enjoy the display from a comfy spot.

If you would like more information from the official Benidorm Fiestas program, you can follow the following link (In Spanish): http://benidorm.org/es/evento/fiestas-mayores-patronales-benidorm-2016


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