Inauguration Parking Foietes

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400 New, and well needed, parking spaces have been finished in the Colonia Madrid area of Benidorm!

The work on the new parking lot situated in foietes, has been on going on since
last September 28, 2015, and today have finally been completed and opened to the public. This is just a small section of the main project, that is the reconstruction of the foietes valley,  turning it into a new park and social area. This is still in development with expected completion
in early 2017, moving the traditional local market to the area of Els Tolls.

Of the approximately 900 parking spaces, today they have opened nearly 400
of the upper area, close to the public school Bautista Lledó

Today, at 18.00 hours, many locals gathered, along with the city councilor for the long awaited opening.

car park has nearly 400 parking spots we discussed and is very well laid out
with interior streets, parking on drums, stops, lanes two-way entrances
and well-marked exits and everything perfectly paved and painted, so the
capacity is much greater

 We have also been seeing a sign "only authorized" but we have spoken
to the council and told us that it is only a formality that all
residents of Benidorm can park without fear that the crane takes your

So we can now say that the new parking of foietes of Benidorm has been opened to the public.


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